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HSV Online Store is the first hypermarket operating on the network where you can buy: fashionable clothes and shoes. Accessories for men and women, for boys and girls. Household goods: plumbing, household appliances, furniture, dishes. Books, stationery, needlework kits, souvenirs. For beauty and health, professional cosmetics. Pet supplies and animal feed. Auto parts. Products for sports and recreation: products for fishing and many other necessary things. Seeds and gardens.

Our range is distinguished by a large selection and affordable products, so every customer can purchase the necessary things. Sale is carried out both wholesale and retail.

Catalog Search In order to find and order the right products, you need to find the necessary system. All products in the catalog are categorized. For example, male jackets should indicate the presence of words in the search box, after which he will be shown the choice of the trigger provided for the order.

Quality assurance We only work with trusted business partners, which makes our reputation and your purchases impeccable.

Our catalog contains original products of famous brands, including the famous sports brands ``Adidas``, ``Puma``, ``Nike``, ``Bosco`` and other popular companies. We sell quality products made in Germany, as well as the production of Russian, Turkish and Belarusian production.

Our site provides for the placement of customer reviews, so each customer can buy them in our store.

Discounts and promotions We constantly arrange sales, in which buyers can purchase goods at a discount. Discounts in our store allow you to make profitable purchases. Information about the shares is published in a special section. In particular, there you can find out the terms of sales with discounts.

How to make an order The product you like in the catalog, just click on the purchase and proceed to the design of the product.

Gifts for family and friends You can get various gifts from us at the lowest prices. So, on the eve of the New Year of 2019, our online store organized a real fair offering popular products that are available in the top hundred customer requests at affordable prices. We offer to buy New Year's costumes, board games, dolls, boats and cars, a barbie bed and other toys, as well as the designers of Our Planet and Dinosaur Planet, which are delighted with your child. An excellent gift for kids will be the products of the Super Toys and Little Lady companies, which produce beautiful and safe toys. For mobile phones and mobile phones - mobile phone, laptop, TV. A memorable gift will be a floor vase ``Gloria``, as well as a bag or suitcase. If you want to give a practical present, opt for Adidas products.

This marketplace offers two main ways to pay for purchases:

  • payment on Amazon by card, (credit or debit);
  • Payment by Amazon Gift Cards.

How to pay for a purchase on Amazon by credit card
Payment on Amazon by Sberbank card, as well as any other bank, is possible only if it is not lower than Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard. In order to save, it is better to immediately open a currency card, otherwise the conversion rate may not be very profitable.

There is an option to issue a special card for settlement only on the network, for example, Visa e-c @ rd.

It is more profitable to maintain and will not be afraid of virtual scammers.

At Amazon, payment through Qiwi is also possible. This is especially convenient if you do not have a card and there is no desire to draw it up, and you need to make a payment. Then you can do it through Qiwi Visa Virtual.

To do this, you need to make the necessary amount through the Qiwi machine, taking into account the service charge and indicate the mobile phone number. In a few minutes, you will receive the card details on the cellular card for settlements with the amount already credited to it. Registering online at Qiwi is also possible.

In Amazon, payment with a Corn card is accepted only for a single purchase. Therefore, such a card will have to be updated every time.

Does Amazon offer other payment methods?
Amazon payment methods can be other, but only for US citizens (bank account or Amazon Payment).

For our compatriots, the only alternative is to choose which bank card and whether there is a need to purchase a gift card. On the one hand, this makes it possible to save a little, as some merchants sell Gift at a price below their face value. But on the other, there is always a risk of running into a fake. Therefore, you should avoid knowingly suspicious offers that promise too much benefit.

Amazon Online Store is perhaps the largest online store on Earth. There you can find absolutely any product. The store itself is divided into dozens of categories, including: clothing, toys, electronics, cosmetics, car parts, computers, household appliances, etc.
We must not forget that Amazon is a popular online store of books, music, films and TV shows. Need the latest album of your favorite band, or the sensational bestseller of a popular writer? Then you are definitely here!
The undoubted advantage of Amazon is the ability to choose to buy one thing from several sellers. Often this can save a lot of money. Well, the fact that Amazon works not only with sellers from the USA, but also from the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and China, cannot but rejoice.
Amazon purchases are paid using Visa or Mastercard.