In the life of every American and all American society, insurance is of utmost importance. It is enough to say that today the volume of total insurance payments per capita of every American citizen is 20 times greater than this indicator for one resident of Russia. Anyone who comes to America is immediately faced with car insurance, and later comes to insurance for almost any other property. How risky is it to insure a car in America compared to Russia? As part of this article, we will try to answer this question.

OSAGO at us and LIABILITY in America with a various covering

In almost all states of the USA, there is compulsory (LIABILITY) or, as it is called unilateral insurance. Additional double-sided coverage is purchased voluntarily. In our country, the insurance policy in St. Petersburg  also mandatory. But this is where the coincidences end, since in one-way insurance in the USA, the amount of coverage for victims varies from state to state. In addition, the policy provides for additional liability for damage to other people’s property and a number of different coatings for your car related to voluntary insurance. That is, with one policy, you can provide protection in the complex.

Continuing the comparison of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance in St. Petersburg and the USA, it is worth mentioning the direct loss settlement (LIA). Recently, in the Russian Federation, PVUs were made mandatory, and now the victim in most cases should apply for compensation to his insurer. In America, the states are divided into At Fault, where the company of the culprit pays the victims, and No Fault, in which, regardless of the policyholder’s guilt, only the insurer compensates for the damage. How to deal with coatings and which one to choose for yourself? Only an insurance agent can help answer these questions.

Question: How to find a trustworthy agent in America?

In principle, becoming a victim of a car insurance fraudster in America is quite difficult. US insurance is tightly regulated by law, and all agents are meticulously controlled. To find scammers, you need to specially try.

Militantly incompetent people from the post-Soviet space, who believe in their infallibility, do not want to learn from other people’s mistakes and accept reality, most often become victims of base scammers. Remembering that in our country CASCO on A7, for example, is quite expensive, they strive only for one thing – to save. With “economical” insurance, it’s good only until the first accident, but the victims will learn about the deceit too late. Choosing an insurer and insurance, such people are usually guided by dubious sources of information and do not hear the voice of reason.

The fact is that a newbie in America with his aged machine with the most disadvantageous one-sided coating costing $ 200-400 for six months is simply not interesting to a normal agent. After all, an agent receives 10% of the premium from each policy, and you need to spend ten times more time on such a small client than on someone who has lived in America for several years, has two cars and the coverage is not one-sided, moreover, he doesn’t look at price, and listens and takes advice.

In America, every good agent knows the price of his work, therefore, discussing the terms of CASCO insurance on the A7, he will not regret neither time, nor good recommendations, nor discounts from his commission. But the owner of a twenty-year-old inexpensive car can wait for the opposite situation. As a result, those who stubbornly seek “free cheese” have great chances to get into a mousetrap.

To minimize the risk of being cheated, it is advisable:

  • Be wary of low prices;
  • Insurance in large well-known companies;
  • Do not trust homemade service announcements;
  • Contact agents recommended by trustworthy people;
  • Do not be afraid of Russian-speaking agents – not all of them are crooks.