If the car is not insured, it cannot be registered. The concept of “compulsory insurance” was born in America at the beginning of the 20th century and is constantly evolving. Car insurance is governed by the laws of each state individually. In New Hampshire, Tennessee and Wisconsin, it is optional. The differences in the laws of the rest of the states are reduced mainly to the types of compulsory insurance adopted there, as well as to the minimum insurance coverage. Insurance policies , I started about the same: understanding automobile insurance is an important part of your training as a driver. In most states, it is not possible to purchase a car without car insurance. The car will not be sold to you.

Car insurance in the USA includes six basic types: The first two typesare the most important, and therefore binding on everyone. This is liability insurance for bodily harm caused to a third party or persons and property damage as a result of a traffic accident. Each state determines the minimum coverage for accidents. In the USA, three numbers are used for this, which in tens of thousands of dollars show these limits. So, in California, the following parameters are accepted: 15/30/5. This means that the car owner is required to have a policy with minimum liability insurance for personal injury and property damage at the rate of 15 thousand dollars if one person was injured, 30 thousand dollars if more than one person suffered and 5 thousand dollars to cover property damage . In the state of New York and in the District of Columbia, where the city of Washington,The third type of insurance is personal injury protection. It covers medical expenses and financial losses as a result of temporary disability of the policy holder himself and the passengers who were in his car at the time of the accident, regardless of who was responsible for it. Such a policy is important if a person in an accident has not very high coverage for his medical insurance or does not have it at all. If medical insurance is expensive and provides high coverage, then you can refuse the third type of car insurance, or take it to a minimum. In a number of states, including New Jersey, California, and the capital, Washington, it is optional.

 The following two types of insurance are also optional in the US zones. The first of these is collision insurance, which covers the material damage caused to the car of the policyholder through his fault as a result of a collision with another car or stationary object – a pillar, fence, tree, etc. (It looks like insurance mekif in Israel). The second one is “comprehensive insurance” covering damage caused by floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, as well as in cases of vandalism and car theft, that is, when it is impossible to find the perpetrators. These two types of insurance cover repair costs at reasonable market prices minus the amount the policyholder must pay in accordance with a contract with an insurance company. Although collision and natural disaster insurance is not required by all state laws, these types of policies work most often. Choosing an insurance policy to drive a vehicle in the United States is difficult. There are many insurance companies in America that offer a large number of different insurance schemes. At the same time, they take into account the age of the motorist, the area of ​​the city where the car is kept at night, the approximate daily mileage, the main purpose of using the car, how many traffic violations have occurred over the past five years, car make and year of manufacture, and much more. All these data are used to calculate the optimal size of insurance coverage and the corresponding insurance premium. Maximum fees are paid by foreigners who do not have a history of driving in the United States. Only after 2-3 years, when such a story appears, for them, contributions can be reduced. The insurance premium for a foreigner, immediately after his arrival in New York, can be set in the amount of up to 7 thousand dollars a year. With an American driver’s license, this amount can be lowered by $ 2,000. and after several years of driving in New York, a foreigner can achieve a reduction in the insurance premium by another couple of thousand dollars. And all this under the condition of accident-free driving and the absence of problems with the police.