Vantamo Identity Theft Protection Roller idguard fedex Stamp Wide Kit


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  • EASY TO USE! – Update the brand to the highest quality, just remove the cover and enter the information, wide scrolling makes maintaining safety easy. Adjustable length. (If you want the best quality and excellent customer service, choose us! We answer all customer inquiries.)
  •  FILLING PACKAGE – 6 free recharge, including the cost of $ 13.98! Do not end when you need it most. Ink is specially designed to hide information.
  • AV TIME SAVING – Imagine that you no longer need to scrape all transport labels or make 100 strokes with a marker. It works on most plain paper with black fonts, does not work on glossy surfaces. “Easy-to-use instructions” for safe and proper use are included! If you have any problems, contact us and we will deal with you every time.

Product Description

Vantamo 6 Identification Refills Black Ink Roller Stamp Set + E-book

If you are ready to stop getting cramps from using magic markers and make your way to privacy, idguard fedex com security and protection, then you will fully enjoy your new confidential brand Vantamo. Premium design, quality, practicality, the best protection for the video!

Advanced identity theft protection stamp

Superior quality is combined with a masterful design that delivers some of the best roller dies to protect documents. All the details were considered – from high-quality reinforced plastic to ADVANCED BLACKOUT tight weaving, to impermeable special-purpose inks – this identification number and address are printed if you want to stay safe!

For greater safety, use the Vantamo stamp on:

Label delivery
Personal addresses
We recommend using a shredder for:

Credit Card and Account Numbers
Social Security number
Unlike our classic black and stylish white, idguard fedex this stylish gray comes with 6 refills!

Swipe, roll and protect with the perfect roller stamp to protect your personal and personal information.

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