Bic Lighters Assorted Colors Shrinkwrapped 70330600065


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Product Features
CIG Lighters / FUEL / RECIPE
Product description
BicĀ  Colors: Other

Packaging type: shrink film

Product type: Lighter


Product Description

Product Features
Lighters CIG / FUEL / RECIPE
Product Description
Bic Colors: Other
Type of packaging: shrink film
Product Type: Lighter

Bic expanded its business by starting production of ballpoint refills and then launching its own Cristal Pen ballpoint pens in 1950. Low cost design, reliability and low cost contributed to the company’s commercial success. the European market. To consolidate its success in the United States in 1958, 70330600065 Bic acquired a $ 1 million 60% stake in Waterman Pen Company, the oldest fountain pen manufacturer. Bic is renamed Waterman-BIC Pen Corporation and its headquarters are transferred to Milford, Connecticut. However, at that time, the American market was flooded with poor quality pens. The main market share was held by a subsidiary of Gillette PaperMate, located in the more expensive pen segment.

To remedy the situation, Waterman-BIC conducted an aggressive television advertising campaign to convince the pen to 29 cents of quality not inferior to that of its competitors, several times more expensive. The efforts were motivated by the success: in 1967, the company began selling more than 500 million pens per year, representing about 60% of the market.

In 1970, Gillette acquired S.T Dupont Paris, whose main products were expensive smoking accessories, including lighters. In 1972, the company launched the Cricket disposable lighter, 70330600065 which quickly conquered a new market. To regain the market, the Bic again resorted to aggressive television advertising, publishing its products under the slogan “Flick my BIC”. Along with the tough price war, the Bic managed to oust its competitor. In 1984, Gillette, recognizing his defeat, sold the production of cricket lighters to the Swedish company Swedish Match.

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