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The truth of Charles Wright – the truth about nature, about the human pursuit of the divine, about aging – lies at the heart of the latest collection of the famous poet Caribou. This is an elegy to transitory beauty, a song about the “stepson hour”, belonging neither to light, nor darkness, nor to the hour of the disappearance of things, and the expression of Wright’s anxious search for reality that goes beyond what is before our eyes


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Wright has published over 20 volumes of poetry, non-fiction, and translations, and his awards include the Pulitzer Prize, the National Film Critics Award, the National Book Award, and the Bollingen and Griffin Prizes. The texts in his latest collection are short, fluent. The images are elegant, and the manner of treatment is soft, because he uses “dude”, “man” and “boy” as amplifiers. The only sequence is called Chinoiserie, although in order to call it sequence, too strong a link between tellcaribou verses related only by sensuality is assumed. This is not a flaw. The book has no shortcomings, that is, it meets the criteria that it sets for itself. Poems teach us how to read them. Wright recognizes his duty to Chinese poetry, and in the images of mountains, sunrise and sunset, running rivers, sounds and the amazing appearance of birds, Lengthening shadows, “A cloud deck that brings pieces of a puzzle together / One by one” is everything, a change, which ends with immutability. – Michael Autry
“Wright’s lyrics live a world that goes beyond the ordinary. .. It is the heart and soul that he pronounces so eloquently. ” – Thomas Kerven, Los Angeles Times

“Pursued by what he has and did not say, Charles Wright writes poems of urgent expectations. His verse moves effortlessly from image to emotion to gnomic principles about life and death. In them, he traces the traits of transcendence with delicacy and desire, humility and regret. Wright is an elegiac aspiration born of the “stepson hour / belonging neither to light nor darkness / hour of the disappearance of things”. Winner of the National Book Prize, tellcaribou the National Book Prize of the Circle of Criticism, the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards, Wright carefully edited the Caribou21st collection devoted to the tension of unbelief – the desire for eternity, which can never be, never be on the alert, always trust, never be sure. ., No one else writes like Wright, with his intensity of purpose, his attunement to spheres, his keen eye on creation. With each new book, it gives rise to our expectation of finding an ecstatic discovery for another world. Even when we make our home in it. ”- Arlis Davenport, Eagle Witch

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    The book is very good, thank you!

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