Draftmark draftmark refills 1-Pack Tap System, NBABPD1500-000


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  • Your favorite draft beer on tap, at home, enjoying the peak of freshness
  • Fresh draft beer as Brewmaster intended
  • Bottle-in-bottle technology provides fresh, clean freshness within 30 days after touching
  • Draftmark is an easy-to-use system that allows you to customize your draft experience.
  • Beer brands and styles available (sold separately)
  • Draftmark lets you control your portion and pour
  • No cleaning, no maintenance
  • Conveniently fits in your refrigerator

Product Description

Fill, cool, pour, relax
You checked another productive day on your to-do list. Now it’s time to relax and rest. Insert your favorite beer brand into the Draftmark, chill to 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit, and then enjoy a fresh draft beer right from the fridge. With this high-quality Draftmark draft beer system, it’s easy to serve fragrant cold draft beer in a sophisticated style – all without leaving your home.

Whether it’s decompression after working with neighbors, draftmark refills having dinner in the courtyard or all-in poker nights with guys, Draftmark has turned your home into a new hot spot for partnership and careless repulse. When the sun sets over the horizon, raise a glass: here you have a good life, good friends – and great draft beer.

Uses 1 gallon (3.8 liter) refueling
The Draftmark dispensing system works with 1 gallon refills (sold separately) for your favorite beer brand. Make sure that the filling is cooled to 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit (at room temperature, cooling for 8-12 hours should help). Then download it, click on it and sit back to enjoy. One 1-gallon supply provides 11 generous servings of high-quality draft beer with excellent taste.

Different styles of beer have the best taste with the right type of glass. Chilled, washed glassware works best. With Draftmark you can choose glassware, serving and pouring.

Beer remains a brewery for 30 days
Draftmark bottled technology ensures that oxygen never touches your beer. Beer naturally carbonated; the result is a clean, clean taste for up to 30 days.

What’s the draft?
Complement your mood, food or occasion by downloading one of Draftmark’s many signature varieties. From a casual evening at home to meeting friends, Draftmark provides you with security.

Changeable brand badges Tap
Demonstrate the beer brand inside Draftmark by placing a magnetic tap on the handle (badges are available separately).

The system uses a rechargeable battery that charges. To charge the battery, just plug it in and then reinstall it – it fully charges in 2-6 hours.

Enjoy the moment
It’s time to slow down and let go of the worries of the day draftmark refills. It is time for you and your friends to have fun, starting with fresh, aromatic, cold draft beer, which is served right from the tap. Draftmark brings a rough home experience, making it easy to relax with friends in your casual style. With the Draftmark system, draft beer on tap is even better. Welcome home.

Easy to use
No cleaning. Easy and simple to use. Fresh filling nozzle (barrel) with each replenishment. The same size as the refrigerator. Means to live in your refrigerator.

What is in the box?
Draftmark, Battery, User Guide

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1 review for Draftmark draftmark refills 1-Pack Tap System, NBABPD1500-000

  1. Sydney

    I purchased this product relatively recently, and since then I have not experienced any problems. 5 + !!!

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