EZ-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray invalent person


  • Raised edge prevents spillage
  • For easy washing while seated
  • Can be used with an armchair or wheelchair.
  • Contour for comfortable wearing on the neck

Product Description

EZ-Shampoo hair wash tray Our extremely easy-to-use EZ-SHAMPOO hair wash tray invalent person is designed to fit comfortably on your neck and lean on your client’s shoulders to easily wash your hair in a sitting position. The shampoo tray has a unique flexible rubber surface that surrounds the opening of the tray and neck to provide excellent comfort and prevent slipping. Compact and lightweight, the shampoo tray reduces awkward bending for people with limited movement. Reduces back strain for the caregiver.

The raised edge prevents spillage of water. Contoured sides support the neck. A 35-inch strap wraps around the client’s forearm invalent person to stabilize the tray. The EZ-SHAMPOO HAIR WASHER is made of durable but lightweight plastic and is easy to clean with soap or a household disinfectant and water. The shampoo tray can be used while sitting in an armchair or wheelchair. No latex.


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