Gesundheit!: Bringing Good Health to You


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An inspirational and fun story about finding Patch Adams to bring free healthcare to the world and turn how doctors practice medicine

• Tells Adam’s life-long search for Patch to turn a healthcare system

• Released as a movie with Universal Pictures, starring Robin Williams


Product Description

Meet Patch Adams, MD, a social revolutionary who has dedicated his career to health care. Adams is the founder of the Gesundheit Institute, a home medical practice that treats more than 15,000 people for free, and is currently building a full-blown hospital that will be open to everyone in the world for free. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Not for those gazuntite institute who know and work with the patch. Regardless of whether this means that for sick children you need to put on a red clown nose or take the patient out on the street to roll down the hill with him, Adams does everything necessary to help with the treatment. In his frequent lectures at medical schools and at international conferences, Adams’ unstoppable energy penetrates the business façade of the medical industry, directing him to the caring relationship between the doctor and patient that underlies real medicine.

All royalties are used to fund the Gesundheit Institute, a free 40-bed hospital in West Virginia. Adams’ positive vision, gazuntite institute and plan for the future inspires those who are concerned about the inaccessibility of affordable and quality health care.

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