Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by GreaterGoods


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  • The right choice: sometimes simpler the better. Get what you need without compromise.
  • FEATURES YOU NEED: Large backlit display and durable tempered glass cover. See product description.
  • BACK REAL SUPPORT: A friendly team at our headquarters in St. Louis is here for everything you need.
  • MAKE THE RIGHT WAY: Your purchase should have a positive impact on all the people involved.
  • PAY FORWARD: part of your purchase helps Love146 fight trafficking and take care of survivors.

Product Description

Well-made products
Greater Goods is built around quality products made right. When you treat people with respect, they create great things; greatergoods com 0390; That is why we only work with qualified manufacturers who decide to adhere to international standards for protecting the rights and safety of workers. Then we establish a fair value for all participants in the supply chain, including for you, because a profitable deal should not be concluded at the expense of the people who create the product.

Supported by excellent service
Our team in St. Louis, from video tutorials to lengthy phone calls, wants to give you the best support. We love our products, so we love talking about them. We will treat you as a friend, which means the absence of scripts or loopholes – only genuine answers, and if something goes wrong, we will fix it.

Payment in advance
The impact of your purchase does not cease as soon as your package arrives, because we collect part of each purchase in order to transfer it to our charitable partners. The nonprofit organizations we work with are experts in what they do, but they need a constant source of funding for work, growth, greatergoods com 0390 and future planning. Our community brings all our customers together to create a stable revenue stream that our partners can count on. Like all purchases of the Big Product, your order helps Love146 fight child trafficking and take care of survivors.

1 review for Greater Goods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by GreaterGoods

  1. KIm

    Wow they held my weight ! thanks for shipping!

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