MAXSISUN 1000W LED Grow Light (100pcs Dual Chips 10W LEDs 18665403229)


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  • LEDs with two chips (10 W) are much brighter and more efficient than traditional 5 W LEDs, better for hydroponics, growing in greenhouses and indoor plants.
  • All the light emitted by the MU1000 growing light is designed to stimulate plant growth at all stages, including universal blue red IR and white light.
  • Compares with traditional 400 W HPS / MH with a consumption of only 224 W ± 3%! Ideal for the vegetative area of ​​2.8×2.8 inches and flower zone 2.2×2.2 inches.
  • The highly efficient cooling system consists of upgraded aluminum radiators and a high-speed fan to provide heat dissipation.
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty and a 60 day no return guarantee.

Product Description

Your plants need light that has been tested and tested over the years to produce not only the highest yields, but also the highest quality 18665403229. MAXSISUN LED Grow Light is the result of many years of rigorous research and development, tested by some of the best manufacturers in the world, and each time reviews come back with five stars in all areas. We offer some of the best products, especially the full-range design can work at all stages of growing plants from seedlings to harvest.

– More reasons to choose MAXSISUN –
– The output exceeds the yield of most other garden lamps, as well as the quality of the final product
– Full range, including IR, well balanced PAR / Lumen output
– Using high-performance dual-watt 10-watt chips to produce PAR output power that exceeds traditional HPS performance
– Rugged construction and made of durable materials
– Comes in great, safe and simple packaging
– The user manual determines the use itself and contains all the conditions that interest you
– Budget prices with 2 year limited warranty

– Specifications –
Model: MU1000
LED Power: 100×10 W Wed
. Power Consumption: 224 W ± 3% at 110 V
HPS Replacement: 400W HPS / MH
Max. Vegetation Coverage @ 22 ”Height: 2.8×2.8 Feet
Core coating Bloom @ 17 ”height: 2.2×2.2 feet
Number of LEDs: 100pcs Epiled / BridgeLux LEDs
Reflector: 90 °
Total Harmonic: <15%
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
service: 100,000 hours

– Using suggestions – (Height / Clock / Brightness)
3-5 days Acclimatization period: height 30-34 inches, 10 hours on / 14 hours from 18665403229
seedlings Stage: 26-30 degrees, 12 hours in / 12 hours
vegetative Stage: height 18–26 inches, 18 hours incl. / 6 h.
Blooms Stage: height 15–19 inches, 12 hours incl. / 12 h. Off

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