Osgood Schlatters Disease Knee Brace-M oshkin schlatters


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  • This Osgood Schlatters brace has a patella pad that helps stabilize the knee.
  • Made from premium grade neoprene, the knee brace is durable, elastic and soft on your skin
  • Stretch straps and Velcro make it easy to apply and remove knee pads
  • The main two conditions treated with this knee brace are Osgood Schlatter’s disease and the jumper’s knee.
  • Measure the circumference around the leg at point A (6 ”above the middle of the patella) and at point B (middle of the patella). Size M fits 18 “-20” at point A, 14 “-15” at point B

Product Description

Osgood Schlatters Disease Knee Brace helps stabilize the knee when pain occurs. This knee brace is used to treat conditions such as Osgood Schlatters disease, which is caused by tendon irritation of the knee tendon growth due to physical activity during exercise. is growing. A jumper oshkin schlatters knee called patellar tendonitis is another disease that can help treat this knee sleeve. This is a condition that occurs due to overuse of the patella tendon, leading to rupture of the tendons, causing soreness and inflammation.

Wearing the Osgood Schlatters knee brace allows you to divert pressure from the tendon of the patella, leaving the knee time to recover from a certain condition. On this knee brace, there is a pad and belt for the patella, which surrounds the area below the patella and puts pressure on the tendon, reduces pain and heals the knee. The strap on the Osgood Schlatters suspender is made of a durable two-inch-thick elastic material that helps keep the knee pad in place during use. Made of premium neoprene, oshkin schlatters this knee pad does not contain latex, it is durable, flexible and soft, so it fits comfortably on the skin around the knee joint. The material that makes up the Osgood Schlatter bracket makes it easy to adjust for a snug but breathable fit.

An open patella brace reduces inflammation, swelling, and protects the knee from injury and during recovery thanks to the compression and support that the knee brace offers. It can be worn for active use, for example, for running, walking, jogging or playing sports because of its flexible, durable material. This adjustable sleeve can be suitable for various sizes from XS to 2XL.

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