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Exclusive, Access-All-Areas take place inside Hollywood’s hottest new talent ….. Robert Pattinson After receiving the “Top Male Hottie” at the Teen Choice Awards, MTV’s “Breakthrough Performance” and “Best Kiss” awards for his smash hit Twilight, Robert Pattinson Hottest Heartthrob Hollywood!


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ROBSSESED is the exclusive and first-ever movie with full access to the lead actor’s life, available on DVD. Robsessed describes the rise of a British star to American fame and tells the story that led to his international fame and status as a sex symbol! The exclusive film reveals the fascinating secrets of Rob’s first kiss, his bullying at school and gossip about his fellow stars, as well as a large selection of interviews with his acting teacher, former film colleague Ann Reid (“Bad Mother,” “The Reference Book”). ) and influential figures in show business, as well as some of his super fans! The film is an exclusive look at the life of modern beauty number one in Hollywood. Not a single stone will go unnoticed, since Revolver Entertainment releases exclusively the first documentary film about Rob. “Until I was 12 years old, my sisters dressed me up as a girl and introduced me as“ Claudia ”! Twelve was a turning point when I went to mixed school, jjillcard and then I got cool and discovered hair gel. ” Robert Pattinson ROBSESSED offers more than just a look at Rob’s life, he also gives an insightful and fascinating look at the basics of becoming a young British actor and his transition to International Superstar. An ideal gift and, of course, a necessary, must-have DVD for any fan of Robert Pattinson!

To say that pop culture is obsessed with Robert Pattinson would be an understatement. We increase everything from his perfectly hanging jeans to naughty disheveled hair and to his favorite torn t-shirt. In an all-new documentary entitled Roboted, fans eject into a dream world where everything revolves around Robert Pattinson. In the film, fans get exclusive, never before heard tidbits from Pattinson’s life, documented by his colleagues, teachers, neighbors and journalists. Ride ahead as his drama teacher describes the passion and talent that young Pattinson demonstrated while his colleague talks about modeling with him that day. Hold on tight because Roboded is an hour full of thrills, screams, and possibly a tear or two jjillcard when you reveal the secret of one of the most obsessed actors in pop culture today. The humble Robert Pattinson was very shy and indecisive when preparing for the role of an ideal person without a quote. Apparently, on four pages of the book, Rob was puzzled by the perfection of the character and was extremely nervous and not at all sure of the role.

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