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Have you thought about cutting the cord and forgot about cable TV? Make HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO part of your home network.


Product Description

Have you thought about cutting the cord and forgot about cable TV? Make HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO part of your home network.

Get free over-the-air television through the antenna, which allows you to send great high-definition content to anywhere in your home via existing home Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection from your home router. No more expensive cable TV subscriptions or cable box rental fees. Now you can easily watch another program in another room or enjoy football in the yard – whether on an Android TV device, phone, tablet, computer or Smart TV.

You can watch Live TV through our HDHomeRun DVR app, and you can record, pause, hdhomeroom rewind and schedule your favorite shows using the HDHomeRun DVR * service.

You can also watch and record Live TV using Plex, or record, pause, rewind, and schedule programs using our Kodi / XBMC add-on or the popular compatible third-party DVR software.
For shaving cord. No need to rent set-top boxes for each room.
Watch HDTV live on 3 devices simultaneously via WiFi (802.11ac router) or a wired network.
Works with our HDHomeRun DVR, so you can watch, pause and record.
Access premium cable channels with CableCARD.
HDHomeRun PRIME streams to DLNA-compatible devices on your network.
Increase the number of tuners with multiple HDHomeRun devices.
US cable television subscription required.

HDHomeRun app and DVR service
We looked at the current media PC method for recording TV. It requires a lot of technical know-how, powerful media PCs to stay on, and often pages of complex setup.

Sign in to the HDHomeRun app. Simply put, this is software that works with your playback and network storage devices, adding the ability to watch, schedule and record Live TV.

The simplest thing is to watch live TV live at home on several devices has never been so easy and at minimal cost as with the HDHomeRun and DVR tuners. Equally easy to set up is our complete DVR service, which allows you to schedule recordings of the entire series. Our DVR solution allows you to search by category,  hdhomeroom so why not record a whole series of your children’s favorite shows and entertain them for hours, and you can use a NAS drive for recording so that they can watch on any compatible smart device near your Home. Or why not catch up with your favorite shows or those that you don’t miss, “you have to win” sporting events by recording in it all the games that only your team plays.

Extensibility and flexibility are key – it can be either a simple laptop or a large one, like a masterpiece with several clients, several network storages and several tuners … install the application, and you’re done. Give him some recording tasks and he will get to work. Watch TV on your terms with the HDHomeRun DVR.

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