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Described by the British Medical Journal as “almost phenomenal success,” this work remains one of the greatest reviews of the social and physiological races of the world ever written. Deniker established the basic definitions of racial groups, which became the standard for all subsequent work.


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“My goal in this work is to present in a concise form the essential facts of the related sciences of anthropology and ethnography. My book is intended for all those who want to quickly get a general idea of ​​ethnographic and anthropological sciences or greatestsurveys review understand the basics of these sciences. Thus, technical terms are explained and annotated in such a way that they can be understood by everyone. ”

Abundantly illustrated, each page of this high-quality reproduction has been carefully restored manually from the original.

Deniker spent six primary and four secondary European races there:

* Northern countries, on the territory of German territory in Scandinavia,  greatestsurveys review Northern Germany and Frisia, the British Isles and the Baltic.

* Coastal or Atlanto-Mediterranean, in the Pyrenees and parts of Spain, western and southern France and north-western Italy

* Eastern, on the territory of the Slavic core (Belarus, Ukraine)

* Adriatic or dinar, around the Adriatic Sea, with widespread residues in parts of France, Austria, Ukraine and the Ciscaucasia.

* Ibero-insular on the Iberian Peninsula, in western France, in southern Italy and on the Mediterranean islands.

* Western (also called kevenol); According to the Ripley alpine race, it was supposedly a race of Paleolithic inhabitants of Europe with remnants scattered throughout the continent.

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