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The premise of this book is based on the simple truth that women like to see a guy push a little effort.

Let’s face it, any schmo can take a woman to a posh restaurant and slap her credit card.


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This witty, affordable cookbook for men offers painstaking instructions for the “serious experience” of a woman while having fun at home. Written by three ordinary guys who initially learned to go around the kitchen by trial and error, alex hilebronner similar to a caveman (including Hilebronner, now a private chef of stars), this book leaves nothing accidental. “Each recipe is a plan of a complete, self-sufficient, ready for the evening, beginning to end,” and the authors also give tips on choosing a menu and accompanying wine, preparing a home for a women’s company, preparing excellent food and deciding which music to play.

While no information is fooled as such, the cookbook is aimed at those people who are completely uninitiated in the kitchen, and provides a very simple, simple culinary wisdom. Each of the 24 dishes, with meat, chicken, seafood or vegetarian snacks, gives a simple description of what the menu really is like pork, alex hilebronner cornmeal and tomatoes, which a man needs to make sure his date is garlic-rosemary tenderloin pork with creamy gorgonzola polenta and pesto-baked tomatoes. While some readers may find the basic assumption that “most guys don’t cook” are impudent, or that his funny beer humor is sophomore

1 review for Win Her With Dinner as alex hilebronner

  1. Nia

    Thank you for such interesting books!

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